Scofield Thayer an Arthur Schnitzler, 9. 7. 1922

9 July, ’22.

My dear Dr Schnitzler

Thank you very much indeed for the letters you were so generous as to give me.
Thomas Mann was at home when I called. Both he and his wife asked particularly after you. He is allowing me to translate Tristan for the Dial. It was your son who first called my attention to this story.
Hermann Bahr was out when I first called after him, but his secretary telephoned me at the hotel to come to-day (Sunday) at 10 A.M. As this is the hour for divine service in my country, it seemed appropiate to look up God upon this day and hour. He is delightful – not a bit the go God of my country.
Mr Bahr is going to write for the Dial an article about America from the point of view of one who originally got his American Illusions from Walt Whitman and who has had them shattered by the book reviewed in the leading article of the Dial for June. Mr. Bahr had already read this book. And I am sending him, to eke out the picture, Santayana’s own recent book on »American Characteristics«.
Thank you also for the note giving the Dial permission to use two of the stories not yet preëmpted.
I wonder do you know the wonderful portrait of Keyserling by Corinth here in the Staats Galerie? Neue Staatsgalerie?
Please allow me to thank you again for all your so generous hospitality to me.
Most gratefully yours,
Scofield Thayer